Sunday, May 8, 2011

A New Trick I Learned

After 6 hours of hard skating with 3 buddies, I landed a new trick at the skatepark. The trick is called a 360 shove-it ) (shoveit?). Basically, the skater spins the boards 360 degrees to land exactly in the same position as before the trick.

Since my filmer is highly un-cooperative and un-motivated, I couldn't bring the clips I promised. But blame him. The footage was recorded but wasn't able to be uploaded. As a bonus, I'll bring a quick 180 tutorial.

A 180 is just jumping in the air with your board and doing a 180 spin.

So how do you do this amazing trick?

Easy. Set your front foot near the nose end bolts, and your back foot on the corner of the tail, closet to the direction you want to be spinning.

Wind up your body in the opposite direction.

Ollie, and slide your foot up and to either direction you want to go in (Kind of a diagonal movement) .Uncoil your body and jump with your board, in your favored direction.

You are in mid air, now what? Keep rotating those hips in the direction of your choice and your feet will follow.

Try to land it a full 180 degrees. If you need any help, just contact me, I'll be happy to help.

Thanks for reading guys!


  1. great guide! i will be trying it out!

  2. Kinda silly, but I just tried this on my longboard (I know I shouldn't do tricks on it) I failed, but it was fun so thanks for the help.

  3. That sucks, bro. Honestly, you need to find a dedicated filmer. If he's your friend, he doesn't sound like a very good one. :\ Just trying to be real with you. Anyways, great tutorial. Once you get someone to film these tuts, you're set. :)

  4. Congrats for the new trick! I hope your filmer gets to cooperate soon!

  5. wish i was younger and wish i would own a skate board :)

  6. Love your blog style! keep up your excellent blogging!

  7. could you post some skating videos that you find inspiring?

  8. Good stuff, if you want to be a really good skateboarder, start practicing;

    switch fs/bs shuvs.
    nollie fs/bs shuvs.
    fakie fs/bs/shuvs.
    fs/bs shuvs.

    The easiest to learn are nollie & fakie fs and nollie bs. Nice tricks in horse too if your friends can't do them :)

    Well done on the 360 shuvs, they're really easy to do on flatbanks, try it :)

  9. nice tricks, keep up the good work!!!

  10. Very cool, I agree make videos of it haha.

  11. oh nice, pretty easy yet impressive.

  12. Video didn't work out? T_T Sad day.

  13. 360 shoveit?! I remember doing those on tony hawk haha. Congrats, nonetheless :)

  14. I feel like I'm too old to skateboard now.. Not that I ever really could...

    I have a huge gravity board on which I sail around campus. Fun stuff.

  15. Well, I'd like to see it as soon as it's possible, sounds nice.